Thursday, November 3, 2011

39 Days Left

39 DAYS LEFT to reach my funding goal of $10,143.  Unfortunately, pledges are not just rolling in.  In fact, I only have six backers, two of which are family.  Am I disappointed?  Hell yes!  Am I whining and feeling sorry for myself?  Probably.  Don't take me wrong, I am very thankful for my six backers.  Thank you backers.  You are listed in my blog  I also am thankful for my two sponsors, Art at the Main and Intermountain Financial Advisers, Inc. who are also listed on the blog.

At this point, what can I do?  I've used Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  personal emails, and postcards to announce the launch of my project.  I have sent press releases to the Salt Lake Tribune and City Weekly.   According to Kickstarter's guidelines, I cannot reduce my funding goal; I cannot change the awards for the various levels.  I have probably been too aggressive with both the budget and the awards.  My wife and I had fun making a good video.  I have an unusual project.  I believe in me and my work.

In spite of the current status of the project, I continue to paint and create my urban abstracts.  I'm working on four paintings to add to the nineteen I've already completed.  I plan to have a show of these works even if I don't receive all the funding (remember, if all the funding is not received, the project dies).  I will not be deterred however.  I stubbornly press on.

If you can, I welcome your pledges.  If you cannot, please spread the word; your support is welcome.

Thank you,  Jerry


  1. Well, you have one more backer now. :) Sorry I am late getting on board. I think you have marvelous ideas ... Genius is not always recognized at the most propitious time for the artist. Times are rough right now, and the holidays are approaching, which may be why folks are keeping their wallets in their pockets. Take heart, for your art and the images you are saving for posterity will endure. Creation of beauty is it's own reward. A.S.

  2. Thanks Arlene for such encouraging words.